Ilaria Orefice, Walter Mantovani  & Roberto Magnani

Who we are

Overtone Singing and Throat Singing teachers, founders of  "Sherden Overtone Singing School" based in Sardinia, Italy, and operative throughout Europe.

The project was born to create a reference point in Italy for the Overtone Singing scene, useful for artists and for holistic operators who use voice and sound. We have choosen Sardinia as our landmark, because it's the only place in Europe that preserves in its tradition a form of throat singing (The voices of Canto A Tenore). We are constantly in touch with various Canto A Tenore groups, and we often act as a bridge that brings this ancient and fascinating tradition all over the world. 

We work as teachers, performers, researchers, and freelance musicians. 

ph Luca Del Pia
ph Luca Del Pia

Our school:

 We like to define our school "itinerant", because we love to travel and being hosted by different academies and associations. It is also common for students from all over the world to reach us for private lessons and to participate to our summer residences.

"Seek the company of those who search for TRUTH; stay away from those who have found it.". 

We're constantly studying and researching in order to improve our skills and knowledge, in order to offer the best learning experience to our students.

Krakow, Pacific Voice Conference 2019
Krakow, Pacific Voice Conference 2019

Salsomaggiore, Italy. Overtone circles conference, 2015

ph Paola Perrone
ph Paola Perrone

Multimedial activity

In our Youtube channel, you will find up-to-date resources, tutorials, our compositions and useful tools. If you want to learn more about the world of Overtone Singing, you're in the right place!

Our video course is under construction, but we also give lessons on Zoom and Skype: your lesson here! 

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