Italian overtone singing and throat singing teacher specialized in the styles of Khöömei, the traditional singing of Tuva (Southern Siberia).
His style blends the traditional aspects of Tuvan throat singing and contemporary European overtone singing styles.
"I've always been amazed by Tuvan throat singers. They sing with incredible ease, in a way that even the simplest melody sounds unique."

His artistic career started as bass-player and drummer in various Blues, Funk and Jazz ensembles. While listening to Jaco Pastorius "Portrait of  Tracy", he learnt about the concept of harmonic overtones. So he began a self-taught journey into Overtone instruments like jaw harp, didgeridoo and overtone flutes, which led him into Overtone singing and Throat singing.
After learning the basic techniques, he moved into traditional techniques, studying with masters from Europe, Tuva and Mongolia.

Giovanni mastered the Kargyraa technique with a range of two octaves. He also developed a great accuracy in recognizing and selecting the overtones with every overtone singing technique.

In 2014 he founded the method of overtone singing "4L'sMETHOD"  bringing the didactic program to the various workshops throughout Italy, and abroad through individual lessons on the web. He is currently one of the most appreciated Italian teachers, researchers and performers, and there are many enthusiasts from Italy and abroad who rely on him for the study of throat singing, in particular for Tuvan styles.