Teacher of overtone singing specialized in the styles of Khöömei, the traditional singing of Tuva (Southern Siberia). His artistic career started as bass-player and drummer in various Blues and jazz ensembles. He studied jazz harmony and rhythm with international masters, attending some masterclasses. Subsequently he began a self-taught journey into the overtone singing, going deep into the traditional techniques with masters from Europe, Tuva and Mongolia. He plays also the Slovakian Fujara, the Irish low whistle, and the Tuvan Igil.  He founded the method of overtone singing "4L'sMETHOD"  bringing the didactic program to the various workshops throughout Italy, and abroad through individual lessons on the web. He is currently one of the most appreciated Italian teachers and performers, there are many enthusiasts from Italy and abroad who rely on him for the study of throat singing, in particular for Tuvan styles.