Modern Singing professor since 2011 and overtone singing teacher since 2016 operates throughout the Italian territory, and on the web. He studied modern singing technique with several internationally renowned teachers.

She began his constant exploration of the Overtones in 2014, simultaneously with the research on vocalism and its most extreme limits, but only in 2016 she was inspired to combine modern singing with overtones thanks to the collaboration with Giovanni Bortoluzzi with which he founded the  SHERDEN Overtone Singing School, setting the 4L METHOD with him.

Ilaria Orefice 2020
Ilaria Orefice 2020

Quickly the teaching of overtone singins is revealed, not only like a fascinating way of singing, but also a valid support to the singer to work meticulously on resonance, formantic reinforcement, and also muscle tensions. 

Ilaria is costantly working alongside a team of vocal professionals for her work.  

Currently she research and studies extreme vocals popular traditions (sardinian throat singing, Tuvan, Khosa), she deepens the overtone singing techniques from a compositional and polyphonic point of view with European and tuvan masters, like Choduraa Tumat.  She uses overtone singing in performative contests (live, theatre, studio sessions).

Actually Ilaria Orefice is the only one female throat singing teacher in Italy. In 2019 she presented the first part of the throat singing research at the Pacific Voice Conference in Cracovia. In 2020 the research it has been published in the scientific magazine Journal of Voice.



Journal of Voice :