Giovanni Bortoluzzi, multi instrumentalist musician; Ilaria Orefice, singer and singing teacher; Walter Mantovani, singer and researcher.  Each of us began to study and research Overtone Singing individually, until we met each other: since then we started to combine our skills and knowledge.
We now carry on the project of teaching overtone singing through a method (Metodo 4L), that facilitates the study of techniques normally transmitted orally (overtone singing from Tuva, Sardinia, Africa), in a concrete way especially for western people, to ensure effective results for almost all, respecting the personal timing and way of learning. The strenght of our teaching approach is also that we can provide female and male exemples of all overtone singing and throat singing techniques.

METODO 4L is the complete method for studying Overtone Singing, ideated by Giovanni Bortoluzzi, and improved with Walter Mantovani and Ilaria Orefice. Divided into four levels, it allows everyone to learn the Overtone Singing starting from zero, up to the most advanced skills, thanks to gradual exercises for each level.